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We have operated successfully in such places as: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Ireland, India, Italy, Finland, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, UK, USA..

You’ll find doing business with us straight forward, thought provoking and fun!

Our aim is to  enable individuals and teams to maximise their potential by owning their personal development. Blue Fox interventions dig deeper so that motivation and behaviours are recognised as instruments for sustainable personal performance.

We task leaders, teams and individuals to review the way in which they conduct business, to question whether things can be done differently – done better. We provide opportunities for people to engineer mutually-beneficial relationships and increase the value of their communications, to fundamentally change perspectives and behaviours.

These perspectives and behaviours will influence not only your people, but your customers too. Aligning individuals and teams to your organisation’s values, will create a powerful force in your community.


Since our foundation, we have had the privilege to work with a diverse range of organisations varying in size and sector, both global and local. As a result, we have learned how to operate effectively around the world in many cultures.

From the start, we have made it a priority to build strong and lasting relationships with all of our clients. It is rewarding that many clients return to us time and again when investing in their people.

It’s the quality, flexibility, and solution-based results that our clients most appreciate.

Some Comments we have had –

“Firstly – thanks very much for organizing this course. I have been on a number of management-type courses over the year and I think this ranked #1 for me. Very useful and applicable. Shawn, Cilian, and the two actors all did a very excellent job! We plan to use the career planning tool/methodology in the next round of Appraisals.” 

Director of Engineering about the Ignite Programme

 “It was very powerful, when you asked us about the impact we had on others….please keep holding up the mirror!”

Director of Finance, FMCG, about a bespoke intervention

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